Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How much reading will I be required to do?


You will find that the majority of your study time will be spent reading. You are strongly advised to begin reading from the 'Recommended Reading' list provided in the subject outline. Academic texts tend to be more difficult to understand and, therefore, slower to read than a novel. You may find you have to read a section several times before you fully understand the message/theory being conveyed. It is extremely useful to buy a good dictionary. You may also need to refer frequently to a dictionary relevant to the particular academic discipline (ie Sociology dictionary, Philosophy dictionary, etc.). It is useful to take notes while you read - remembering also to note down the author, book title and the page numbers.

While some extremely informative and useful texts can be searched out during your time in the Library, remember to keep your reading relevant to the assignment you are presently working on, staying focussed and, thus, avoiding broadening out the question and your reading.

Last reviewed: 15 September, 2009