Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


I know someone who is doing a correspondence course, and she says it's a very lonely way to study. How is this different? Will I actually have to turn up three days a week? What will it be like?


There are a few questions here. Flexible teaching and learning is very different from studying by correspondence, as you will be studying as part of a group, and you will have ongoing face-to-face contact with your tutors and/or lecturers. You will also get to know other students in your subjects and be able to talk to them. This contact may not be once a week, every week, and it may not always be in person. In one subject you may have an on-line class with your lecturer once a fortnight, for example, and a weekly face-to-face tutorial. In another, you may have video lectures with a face-to-face seminar once every fortnight. You will have the benefits of self-paced progress and access to tutorial help.

Last reviewed: 15 September, 2009