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UniNow is a free, six week enabling course being run out of UOW Shoalhaven campus, which acts as a direct pathway for participants to enter specified UOW undergraduate degrees commencing in March 2019.

Course dates: 14th January- 22nd February, 2019
Cost: Free

Open to students who have recently completed Year 12 (within the past three years) or mature age individuals (aged over 21 years). Successful completion of the course guarantees individuals entry into specified UOW degrees at UOW Shoalhaven. 

For more information visit: UniNow or please contact the UOW Shoalhaven team on (02) 4448 0888 or at 

Applications are now open until the 9th January, 2019.

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 University Access Program

UOW College can guarantee admission into a range of UOW undergraduate degrees by successfully completing the University Access Program (UAP).
The UAP is a 14-week course to give you the fundamental skills required for university-level study and maximise your chance of success.
Successful completion of the UAP provides guaranteed entry to most UOW undergraduate Bachelor degrees offered at Shoalhaven Campus.

Law, Humanities & the Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Majors in*: Community, Culture and Environment; English Literatures; History; Indigenous Studies; Sociology
*completion of full majors at Shoalhaven campus is subject to availability at time of enrolment.

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is one of the most popular university degrees. Career opportunities include: Policy development, Teaching (with a Master of Teaching), Public Service, Community Services, Journalism, Media, Publishing, Research, Politics, Environment & Conservation.


The Faculty of Business offers a five-star learning experience that seeks to develop professionals, managers and business leaders who are independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers, high in demand amongst employers across all sectors of the economy.

Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy)

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Bachelor of Commerce (Management)

Bachelor of Commerce (Dean's Scholar)

Bachelor of Economics and Finance


Successful completion of an Education degree will qualify you to develop a rewarding and productive career in the field of education, enabling you to work in the Australian national school system and throughout the world.

Master of Teaching (Primary)

The Master of Teaching program aims to combine the practical and theoretical elements of teaching by immersing students in both classroom and university studies from the commencement of the program. Our quality programs strive to inspire you, to grow your passion and motivation for teaching and to provide a cutting-edge education that will prepare you fully for a contemporary career.

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Early immersion into teaching and a focus on research to inform teaching practice is central to the program. As a graduate entry program, you must first have completed a Bachelor degree that meets the subject content requirements set by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES). The course provides students with up to 80 days of professional experience in local schools with options to apply for overseas professional experience.

Science, Medicine and Health

Medical and health professionals play an important role working alongside other health practitioners within the medical research, clinical and healthcare sectors. You’ll be taught by staff who know how to prepare you for the challenges you’ll face in the industry because they work in it. Our strong links with industry will ensure that you graduate with skills and attributes which are highly valued by employers.

Bachelor of Nursing

Registered Nurses have the opportunity to travel the world. work in diverse clinical areas and meet interesting people in interesting places. Nursing is a people-centred profession, and no two days - or people - are the same. From your first year, you will complete clinical placements, in hospitals, clinics, aged care facilities and health services. In these placements you will care for patients and clients, putting what you have learned in lectures and simulations to work.

Bachelor of Nursing Advanced

The Bachelor of Nursing Advanced is a four-year degree which meets the requirements to be eligible to apply for registration as a nurse in Australia. Students undertake a common core of advanced subjects as well as choosing from one of the available minors in Management and Leadership Mental Health and International Studies.

Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

The Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) provides exceptional nursing students with the opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills to a higher level. Candidates who have attained a level of scholarship at credit level or above in 300-level Nursing subjects undertake advanced coursework and research.

Doctor of Medicine

Medicine is potentially one of the most exciting and challenging of all professions. A combination of teaching approaches is used to deliver the curriculum including: clinical teaching in hospitals, clinics, and general practice surgeries; large and small group clinical presentations; seminars; tutorials; small group work; internet resources; and dissection.

Social Sciences

Social Scientists are tasked with improving the lives of not just individuals but whole communities. By predicting human behaviour and understanding how we interact with different environments, they can develop plans and programs to improve the overall health and wellbeing of a population. UOW social science students engage in interdisciplinary study about human behaviour, including foundations in psychology, human geography and social determinants of health and wellbeing.
Majors in the Bachelor of Social Science offered at Shoalhaven campus include: Community, Culture and Environment, Sociology, Social Policy, Public Health, Indigenous Studies and Health Promotion.

Bachelor of Social Science
Bachelor of Social Work

Last reviewed: 18 December, 2018