Shoalhaven Campus

University of Wollongong - Shoalhaven
Ray Cleary Building
George Evans Road
West Nowra NSW 2541

Shoalhaven 2
Use SafeZone app to raise an Emergency Alert, a First Aid Alert or a Help Call.
Emergencies02 4448 0800 or ext 7800 or dial #Security at any security phone
General02 4448 0888 or ext 7888 or dial #Security at any security phone
Telephone diverts to South Coast Security outside hours of coverage 
South Coast Security02 4423 3400 or dial #Security at any security phone
Fax02 4448 0889 (Campus Head)

When a Security Officer is not on duty (on site), all calls are diverted to South Coast Security.  South Coast Security is responsible for site patrols, alarm response, fire alarm response and responding to other calls for assistance.  Security telephones are located both inside and outside of buildings.  Security telephones enable direct contact to the following services:

Security - South Coast Security will attend or contact the Officer on duty

Emergency Services "000" Police/Fire/Ambulance

Nowra Taxi Service

NRMA Road Services

SafeZone is now available at Shoalhaven Campus

SafeZone has been extended to cover the Shoalhaven Campus.  South Coast Security will have responsibility for responding to Help Calls, First Aid Alerts and Emergency Alerts.

Shoalhaven Students and staff will be able to use the SafeZone app.  UOW Students and staff already registered in SafeZone visiting the Shoalhaven Campus will automatically be covered by the app. when visiting.

Last reviewed: 9 October, 2017

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