Acceptance & Enrolment

Acceptance & Enrolment



 How do I accept an offer?

Applicants who applied via UAC
If you received an offer through UAC you must accept your offer on-line at To accept online please click on "For instructions on how to respond to your offer" from the UAC offer page and follow the prompts. You must accept your offer before enrolment day. If you intend to defer you do not have to accept your offer at this time (see 'How to defer').

Please ensure that you bring your “Offer of Admission” letter with you when you attend the University on enrolment day.

Applicants who applied directly to the University
To accept your offer please click here and complete the online acceptance form. Please ensure that you bring your offer letter with you on enrolment day.

 The Enrolment Process

You must attend in person as the Higher Education Funding Act 1988 stipulates that the University 'may not authorise (by power of attorney or otherwise) another person to sign a form for HECS on the student's behalf'. Consequently, as you must choose a HECS option on enrolment day, parents or other friends/ relatives will not be permitted to enrol on your behalf.

Your attendance on enrolment day will most likely take around two hours. You will receive advice about planning your course, timetable and other information to help you get started with your degree.

Proof of Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residence - all students

You must bring proof of your Australian Citizenship or Permanent Residence with you on enrolment day. You should bring an original or certified copy of one of the following documents: passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate (a driver licence is not sufficient). If you are bringing your birth certificate and you are now married you should bring your marriage certificate with you as well. You will not be able to enrol if you do not provide the required documentation.

Conditional Offers - direct applicants only

You are advised to check your offer letter for information regarding any conditions that may need to be cleared prior to your enrolment. Please note that all conditions must be cleared to enable you to enrol, preferably before enrolment day. Contact UniAdvice on 1300 367 869 if you require assistance regarding this process.

Deferment of Studies

If you wish to defer your offer please do not enrol in your course at this time. You can defer most UOW courses for a maximum of one year and no deferment fees are charged. All applications for deferment must be received by 31 March. Deferments are normally granted for 12 months although you can request a six month deferment and commence your course in Spring session 2014. Please check here to confirm the intake availability for your degree.

To access the on-line deferment application, click here. Once you have lodged your request you will receive an automated reply confirming the receipt of your deferment application.

The University will send you a new offer letter, signifying that your deferment has been approved, and it will indicate your new commencement date. Your offer letter will be emailed to you as an attachment after 31 March therefore it is important that you check your email address regularly during this time. It is also important to save a copy of your emailed offer as you will be required to present this letter at the time of enrolment.

If you don’t have access to the internet you should write to our UniAdvice office, requesting a deferment (please enclose a copy of your offer letter). Send your request to:

Deferment Request
University of Wollongong
Wollongong NSW 2522

Advanced Standing

If you wish to apply for credit for previous studies (and you have not already done so), you must bring an original copy, plus two photocopies, of your academic record to the enrolment centre (even if previously provided). The application form for advanced standing will be available on enrolment day. It may also be necessary to provide outlines of the subjects you have previously undertaken so bring a copy of the relevant handbook from the institution where you completed your studies with you as well (showing subject outlines and descriptions for the subjects you have previously completed).

Preparing for enrolment day

There are a number of web sites you may wish to visit prior to enrolment day. These sites may help you to prepare for enrolment as they contain links to our subject descriptions, University handbook, timetable and course information.

Shoalhaven Campus Home Page:
Subject Timetable:
Course Information:
Subject Database: (click on 'subject descriptions' and then '2014')

 Enrolment Day Information

Your enrolment date is Tuesday 11 February

On Enrolment Day You Must Bring:
  • Offer of Admission letter (all students);
  • Proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residence (all students), eg passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate. A driver licence cannot be accepted. You will not be permitted to enrol unless you provide proof of citizenship/residency;
  • Tax File Number (if you intend to defer your HECS);
  • Academic transcripts (original and two copies) plus subject outlines and descriptions (if seeking credit and have not already had advanced standing awarded). If you are a year 12 student you do not need to bring your HSC results or ATAR notice

At the Shoalhaven Campus the enrolment process takes place in the Ray Cleary building (third building from the left).

To help us control the flow of people through the enrolment process (and to save you having to wait unnecessarily) we ask that you arrive according to the following schedule.
Bachelor of Arts

Your enrolment time depends on the initial of your family name:

  • A - H please arrive at 10.30am
  • J - Z please arrive at 11.30am
Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Economics and Finance

For all courses: please arrive at 10.15am

Bachelor of Nursing and Nursing advanced

Your enrolment time depends on the initial of your family name:

  • A - L please arrive at 9.30am
  • M - Z please arrive at 10.30am

Youth Allowance, Austudy and Abstudy

If you enrol as a full-time student you may be eligible for financial assistance from Centrelink. Claim forms and information about youth Allowance and Austudy, including payment rates, are available from any Centrelink office or by calling 132490 or by visiting the web site at ABSTUDY provides financial assistance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who undertake approved full and part time study. For more information contact your local Centrelink office or call the ABSTUDY line on 132317 or visit

Session dates

UOW session dates are available at


All re-enrolments must be completed via the web (the process is very similar to the one you will use on enrolment day). The re-enrolment system will be available from early December and the deadline to re-enrol will be late January.

Credit Points

Credit points are the measure of workload allocated to subjects studied. Full-time students wishing to complete their degrees in the minimum time normally enrol in subjects with a total annual value of 48 credit points (24 credit points per session). Part-time students normally enrol in subjects with a total annual value of 24 credit points (12 credit points per session).

Subject Numbers

Subject numbers indicate the level and course code of the subject. For example:
ACCY100 100 level (1st year subject)
ACCY211 200 level (2nd year subject)

In your first year at university you would normally enrol in 100 level subjects.

 University Services for New Students

Students with Disabilities

Please contact the Campus/Centre Coordinator who will be able to assist you should you have any particular needs or difficulties. If you require any assistance on enrolment day don't hesitate to ask staff for help.

Further Enquiries

If you require further information regarding enrolment, please do not hesitate to contact Student Central on 1300 ASK UOW (1300 275 869) or your local campus/centre on 44480888.

first year at uow

First year at university is an exciting experience, but it can also be quite a shock for many students, with new routines, expectations and responsibilities. DON'T PANIC!! You are not alone in facing these issues and there is a large volume of information and resources available to assist you. This new site is designed to help first year students settle in at UOW, to answer common questions and to act as a guide to useful services and information. For more information visit the First Year at UOW site at

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